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Oridon Medical

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Health & Beauty

Oridon Medical

840 Coxwell Ave, Toronto Ontario
  • : 4167788632
Oridon Medical is a medical CBD clinic composed of experienced Physicians and Nurse Practitioners. As a strong collaborative team, we work together to enhance patient experience to provide timely, accessible, evidence-based care.  Using our experience and evolving knowledge in medical CBD, our goal is to address specific medical conditions that often do not respond to conventional treatment, or in many cases replacing traditional medication which have known negative side effects.
Our clinical staff are experienced medical CBD clinicians, provided continuing medical education on current medical CBD topics and emerging research.  Upon request our NP, MD or Pharmacist clinicians are available for consultation or speaking events
Jan 15

Health & Beauty

Cory Pierce

20 Quarry Dr
  • : 1-519-939-8288

Ibogaine has been known to effectively provide relief from chemical dependency in one flood dose, since it’s discovery of action in 1962 by Howard Lotsof. A flood dose lasts for 6-8 hrs with a 24 hr reflection period. All cravings and symptoms of withdraw stop within 1hr of taking a flood dose and do not return.

Treatment Includes:


– meeting to assess if the individual is an appropriate candidate. – will meet and explain process to all interested parties before providing the dose. – provide a safe and effective dose. – stay with the individual and provide assistance for the 2 days or until the treatment is complete. – provide a booster dose if required. *Accommodations must be provided via Airbnb by the client. Please don’t hesitate to email or contact me if you have any questions. There are no bad questions.

Cost of Flood Dose Treatment is $1000 for the 2 day treatment and $500 per day for any days after.

Dec 1

Health & Beauty

George Brown

20 Bloor St E, Unit R4, Toronto, ON M4W 3G7
  • : (647) 930-0068

Midtown Dental Centre offers a wide variety of dental services to make sure we have every patient’s dental needs covered. First, we complete an in-depth dental check and examination to gain further knowledge and understanding of each patient’s case. Then we discuss and determine the best treatment plan that will resolve the patient’s oral problem. If you have any questions about how we provide optimal dental care, call us at (647) 930-0068 Thank you!

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